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Bridge between
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and design

👋 Hi, I'm Emmanuel. I'm a Canadian software engineer with a passion for building digital products that positively impact communities and deliver outstanding user experiences. I'm currently the co-founder of Berna, a startup improving the quality and efficiency of health care in Sub-Saharan Africa by digitizing medical records.

Over the last couple of years, I've contributed to many web applications (mostly using JavaScript, React, and GraphQL), but I've also led teams, architected new projects, built component libraries, internationalized codebases, and mentored developers. I have a strong attention to detail, a product mindset, and a design sense.

Along writing code, I'm comfortable jumping between empathizing with users, contributing to designs, and answering customer support requests. Because of this, I'm at my best when working in small independent and collaborative teams solving tangible problems, usually at smaller organizations where I can have a greater impact.

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Digital medical records for Sub-Saharan Africa

I co-founded Berna to improve the quality and efficiency of health care in Sub-Saharan Africa. I designed and built our web product using React and GraphQL with a focus on security, accessibility, performance, and ease of use, while ensuring we can iterate on the product very quickly.

Visit berna.health
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6 River Systems (Owned by Shopify)

Flexible warehouse fulfillment solution

As a senior software engineer, I architected and led the development of a new React and GraphQL web application used by warehouse managers, implemented internationalization best practices, and collaborated with the UX team from Shopify on features.

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Super-simple corporate travel management

Throughout my time at Lola, I held 3 different roles in which I contributed to the main web product using React and GraphQL, led a team, spearheaded a frontend guild meeting, led the internationalization of our frontend codebase, mentored frontend engineers, and championed a transition from a monolith to micro-frontends to make teams more efficient and autonomous.

Visit lola.com
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A detailed Atom One Dark theme for Visual Studio Code

I've always loved the UI and UX of Atom, but prefer the speed and reliability of VS Code. After looking for a while, I couldn't find any VS Code theme that accurately replicated Atom One Dark's interface and syntax highlighting, so I made this one.

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